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Nagoya University, located in Nagoya city, Aichi Prefecture of Japan, has nine undergraduate schools and 14 graduate schools and it is one of the core comprehensive universities in Japan.
About 10,000 undergraduate students and 6,000 graduate students study in Nagoya University.
Nagoya University has a history of more than 140 years including the period of its precursor.
Nagoya University was established in 1939 by the Japanese government as an Imperial University.
Nagoya University is not only a leading university in Chubu area and Japan but also a leading research and education center in the world.
Nagoya University has four Nobel Prize winning scientists. In 2001, Dr. Ryoji Noyori won the Nobel Prize in chemistry.
In 2008, Dr. Toshihide Maskawa and Dr. Makoto Kobayashi won the Nobel Prize in physics and Dr. Osamu Simomura won the Nobel Prize in chemistry.

In 2014, two more Professors, Prof. Isamu Akasaki and Prof. Hiroshi Amano of Nagoya University won the Nobel Prize in physics.

In its “Academic Charter”, Nagoya University defines the following:
“Nagoya University maintains a free and vibrant academic culture with the mission of contributing to the well-being and happiness of humankind through research and education in all aspects of human beings, society, and nature.
In particular, it aspires to foster the harmonious development of human nature and science, and to conduct highly advanced research and education that overlook the broad sweep of humanities, social and natural sciences.”
Furthermore, Nagoya University promotes internationalization with the slogan of “From Nagoya Digaku (“Daigaku” means university in Japanese) to Nagoya University”.
Nagoya University aims at world-class human resources development and promotion of world-leading research.
We introduce “convivial and multicultural society” into our university and foster independent, up-to-date “courageous intellectuals”.

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